As the winter trudged forward, people frequently asked me, “What’s happening with the tiny house?” and I gave the same answer, “We will get started in the summer.” and now the summer is finally here! It’s time give everyone a detailed update on where everything is at, how close we are, and what you can do to help us get there!

family building tiny house

Trailer: The most important part of our tiny house on wheels is actually acquiring the wheels. This was probably one of the parts of the tiny house process that we most underestimated. Like a lot of novice tiny house folks, we naively assumed we could just throw a 10,000+ pound home on top of an old RV trailer… WRONG! As it turns out, that’s really, really untrue. A lot of people have done that and watched as their beautiful custom made homes snapped in half while going 50 miles down the highway. We’ve got a custom built trailer being made as we speak, and we’re really excited about how it’s coming along. Check back on a new update regarding the trailer pickup next month.

Documentary: Just because we haven’t told you all about it doesn’t mean a lot hasn’t been happening! Even though we’ve neglected the updates a bit, we’ve been at work putting the pieces into place for the tiny house build. The best part is that we’ve got it all on video. Fall of this year, we will be releasing how-to videos and our docu-series of the tiny house build. We’ve also just gotten some brand new swanky editing equipment to make the whole process move a lot smoother.

The Fundraiser: We are 77% funded and we have just a little ways left to go. Just $5,599 dollars left and we will have reached a completely funded project. We couldn’t have made it this far without you guys and we are so excited to reach our goal and move onto the build.

UPDATES! Now that we’ve go the trailer being built, the documentary being filmed and edited, and the book is in your hands… you guys want to know more and more! We will be issuing weekly updates every Wednesday on our blog and exclusive updates, videos, and photos through our newsletter. So if you aren’t already signed up, click the banner at the top to subscribe, because you aren’t going to want to miss this!

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Nathan Monk is a husband, father, author, and former Orthodox priest who writes about growing up in childhood homelessness, and brings awareness to the social and justice issues related to first world poverty.

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