There is something truly magical about Autumn. I love to bundle the kids into soft sweaters and run around outside once the heat of summer is gone, and then cozy up under a warm blanket with cider and a story.

Of all of the seasonal changes, Autumn is the one universally loved by myself and the kids. We have been looking forward to the first day of Autumn since last year!
Waldorf traditions for the first day of Autumn.
In our home, we celebrate the first day of each new season by cleaning out the house, buying fresh seasonal produce and spices from the farmers’ market, and exchanging our toys and books from storage. We keep all of our books and toys separated into 1/4th’s (other than our favorite blocks, grimm’s rainbow & art supplies) and we exchange them for more seasonally appropriate items. This keeps our messes down to a minimum, creates a rhythm in our lives, and helps the kids see old toys with fresh eyes. Since embracing minimalism, it became really important to me to buy less while still giving the kids the gift of “new” toys. Since they are on a cycle of seeing the toys 3 months a year, the toys always feel new to them!

Our family's traditions for the Autumnal equinox.
Every year on the last day of summer, we play outside and eat berries for the last time and drink watermelon juice. Once the equinox hits, we trade those summer salads for slow cooked squash soups and warm apple streusel, exchange pink play silks and sunshine gnomes for burgundy silks and pumpkin kings, and swap out Summer’s Vacation for Wild Child.
Waldorf childhood and seasonal rhythm.
We’ve now been in the temporary rental for a week and have adjusted surprisingly well. The kids didn’t make a single fuss about moving and are having a blast with sleeping in a new house with different yard. It’s our friend’s summer home, and it is furnished and decked out with her style, including these gorgeous pottery mugs. Since the mugs just begged to be used, we made some apple cider.
Warm apple cider on the first day of fall.Breakfast for the first day of Fall.
As Nathan met with the tiny house contractor and architect, Kira decorated with mini pumpkins, Selena rearranged bouquets of fall colored flowers into jars and vases, and Gideon asked me to read, Woody, Hazel, & Little Pip, I gladly welcomed the next season of our lives together.  How does your family welcome Autumn? Welcome, September. 100% Wool Pumpkin Queen Gnome - Fall Nature Table


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