Making money and passive income using eBay while traveling. 

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What do you do with a weekend baby sitter when you are working on building a tiny house, filming a documentary, and managing a book tour? You have an epic weekend video shoot, book signing, and romantic getaway, of course! With three little ones, it is hard to find couple time and sometimes that means we’ve got to be working when other people might consider it time to play. Fortunately, we actually enjoy working with each other. That is why we do what we do!

Something we always try to do whenever we have a travel weekend is that we give ourselves enough time for adventure. Even if that means getting up a couple of hours early and hitting the road before the sun comes up. There aren’t many feelings as horrible as passing by an amazingly unique antique store along the highway and not having time to stop. We always try to give ourselves the time to stop.


However, my obsession with antiques has become a bit of a problem when it has come to downsizing for the tiny house. We have boxes upon boxes of knick-knacks, souvenirs, and just plain junk lying around the house. So, a couple of days before we left, I did something I hadn’t done in years, I posted some of my useless stuff on eBay.

I used to enjoy eBay a lot when we first got married. The first year or two of our marriage, the large majority of our income was from eBay. As we expanded to other side incomes, we sort of replaced eBay with blogs and other income streams. But, this week I used the new eBay app and it absolutely changed my life. I was literally able to manage the entire process from my phone, including photo editing! It was a pretty cool change.

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While on our trip, we managed to see a lot of cool sites and had some great grown-up conversation. On Sunday night I spoke at church, and they held a reception afterward where I signed copies of my book. The music director took us out to dinner at a really cool restaurant. We learned quickly why no one should ever say to me the words, “All you can eat” and spicy veggies in the same sentence. Let’s just say, challenge accepted.

On our ride back, we took a detour to a beautiful little roadside farmers market and it was absolutely adorable in every way. Now, don’t tell Georgia I said this, but Mississippi had some of the best peaches I’ve ever had in my life! While we were sitting there selecting some of the best fruits on each one of the tables, my phone started going off like crazy. I panicked and wondered if it was the baby sitter. It wasn’t. It was money calling. Cha-Ching!

I had completely forgotten about the fact that I had posted a bunch of antiques on eBay. And by ‘a bunch’ I only mean about ten, but that was enough. All and all we made about $250 just putting some stuff up without really thinking about it again. EBay was the same fantastic passive income source it always was! It reminded me about how important these little extra streams of income can be! It more than paid for our little excursions on our drive home.


This weekend was an amazing date with the love of my life, and it reminded us of the important thrill of passive income streams. What’s more sexy than that!?


Nathan Monk is a husband, father, author, and former Orthodox priest who writes about growing up in childhood homelessness, and brings awareness to the social and justice issues related to first world poverty.

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