350 Sq Ft Tiny House Floorpan – three bedrooms for large families with kids. 

I think most people describe the process of building their tiny house a journey. And I certainly can see why! For our family, the process of going from concept to design and now being on the threshold of the actual build, has been one that has brought many different feelings and emotions. There is so much to this that we could have never anticipated, so many aspects of designing a house I could literally have never even conceived. We have been so fortunate to have an amazing team of professionals we have been able to lean on. But every single painstaking idea, concept, success, and failure has been fought out in my own mind and then eventually brought forward to the debate table over coffee with the love of my life. We have painstakingly analyzed, measured, and moved every part of this house a million times. There were days that I would sit next to trash can with nothing but a pencil, ruler, and paper, running through ideas that never saw the light of day.

Before we we can hammer the first nail, we have to make sure all of the math adds up. And because of my near crippling inability to see past my own nose sometimes, there were so many aspects of reality that I just never have the foresight for. Probably the most major thing I underestimated was the trailer. When Tashina first suggested to me that we needed to build out on a gooseneck, I thought she had lost it. It changed everything about the build and our original cost analysis. But even though she was so very right, it took hours of discussion and careful planning to bring us to this place.Family Sized Tiny House Interior

This week we’ve received the 3D renderings and designs for the tiny house. In many ways, it has felt like the ultrasounds for our future home. We are being given the opportunity to see the house long before the first plank of wood is laid on the trailer.

In many ways, its is hard to look at these images and still not feel very distant from them. Yes, that is what our house could look like. Yes, an amazing architect took my horrible sketches and turned them into legitimate art. It is almost hard sometimes looking at these images not to think that they are real, with their simplicity and beauty. But then I look outside my window on this rainy day and see my bare trailer standing there, and have a hard time believing that in just a few short weeks, the trailer will begin to take shape. We will begin the process of of measuring each board twice and cutting once and counting each nail. Soon, windows will be placed, and then a door. With each movement, our house will finally take form. It will move from our minds, then from our hands to paper, digitized, and then again our hands will create it again… this time for real.

It is a humbling experience. It almost feels ancient and spiritual to design and build your own home. It is empowering and fulfilling. There is also the realization that we are participating in something far bigger than ourselves. We are taking part in an important social experiment. The data we collect over this next year and the boundaries we push will pave a way for creating future homes like this for other families.3 Bedrooom Tiny House Floor Plan

It is hard to believe that this is where we are today, more than a year after starting this amazing journey. I am honored to finally show you our designs and what our future home will look like! This home is just a foundation, I hope, for a broader vision to create sustainable housing solutions for many more families. So here is to moving on to phase two: the build.

As you can see, our house will essentially be three floors, even though it will be 13’6” tall, which is the tallest legal height for a road legal vehicle. The first floor will house the kitchen, living room/dining room, and bathroom.

Tashina and I will have a private bedroom on the “second floor”, which will be built out onto the gooseneck part of the trailer. This room will not be a loft and we will be able to stand up in our room, just like you can on the first floor.

There will be two third floor or loft bunks for our kids. Gideon and Selena will share a room that is accessible from our bedroom. Across the way, Kira will have her loft built over the kitchen.

As a final but important part of this update: We have raised 90% of our goal toward the tiny house build and have stepped out in faith, purchasing many of the elements we need for the build. After you’ve seen these drawings, I hope that you will consider helping us reach the remaining 10% of our goal by clicking here & sharing this blog!

Thank you all so much for helping us make it this far. I look forward to sharing the rest of this journey with each of you.

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Family Sized Tiny House Interior



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Nathan Monk is a husband, father, author, and former Orthodox priest who writes about growing up in childhood homelessness, and brings awareness to the social and justice issues related to first world poverty.


  1. Nathan– I am excited for you! Your plans appear to be well thought out and organized– congratulations for your hard work. As with these tiny houses, what concerns me is stuffiness and how quickly they can heat up and become ovens. Have you considered some sort of air circulation, air conditioning or heat pump or or ventless– heating/cooling systems? Your friend Mickey

  2. Chrissy Burnham

    I can’t wait to see this process come to completion! Tiny houses are a great option and one I hope to pursue with my family as well. This is the best large family tiny house plan we have seen yet.

  3. I’m interested in seeing how this project goes for you! I’m always looking to create more space in my house and live with less, but I’m not there yet (I’m at 1700 sq. ft). I’m thinking of having 4-7 kids (currently have 2), and i’m wondering if a small house could work for me. Is there a washer/dryer in this house? Can it be done with a cold storage room? I’d like to have a large garden and eventually feed my family on 90% home grown garden food and chicken eggs. (the cow is still up for debate.)

    Most of my downsizing at this point, require me finishing my sewing projects; reading the books I intend to read, and convince my husband that he doesn’t need 4 computers and 2 totes full of extra blankets. And what do i do with all these totes of kids clothes in every size girl and boy? I think I could do a tiny house, as long as I also have a shed. And I could maybe build it myself, if I had a workshop. And tools. And a babysitter.

    Maybe this is too hard for me, the daughter of a hoarder.

    Next question, smaller spaces can be harder to clean – moving the chairs back and forth, crawling around beds, etc. Any suggestions for this? Toddlers are messy!!! I liked your blog about downsizing – particularly the arts and crafts – and buying quality vs quantity… and I’ve always felt that way… up until the past couple of months. Toddlers have a way of ruining things you care about. Maybe I’ll have to get back to that after all the kids are older than 5.

  4. Nancy M.

    This is an impressive design. It appears to be very comfortable for a family of five. Hope you will be able to park your home, when completed, someplace that is very outdoor friendly, as you will NEED to have extra “living” space, no matter the age of the children. I am assuming you have a washer/dryer somewhere in the kitchen area. I LOVE the “open” feel, even with three bedrooms!

  5. I loved he comment from Keshia, she basically said everything that I was thinking. Me and my husband are definitely wanting a large family 13 kids and more! We currently have 2 and one on the way. We live in about 500 square foot apartment. The problem is it’s too much money it cost about $450 of mine and I always imagine what that $450 could be put into besides rent. I’ve been back and forth over the last year on if this is something we could do. The plan you guys have created is exactly what I had in mind. I played around with google sketch up and we basically have the same idea especially about the gooseneck. For me I do a lot of sewing and have a online shop as well so I would have to get a separate shed. Also storage with a growing big family! We have have to have a couple sheds for storage. I also do cloth diapering and don’t know if using a compost toilet is reasonable. I would have to have our diaper sprayer bidet and washer and dryer. So I’m still going back and forth in my mind on how this would work and if it would work for us wanting to have a big family.

  6. wow this is EXACTLY what I want!! this is AMAZBALLS!!!

  7. Theresa

    Hi Nathan, I spotted your site while looking for tiny house design ideas on Pinterest. I am hoping to convert my 300 squ ft detached garage into a granny flat for my Mom (no hurry, she is still an active senior). I love your design! My design (still in my head) includes everything on one level as she hates climbing stairs. As a mom of two grown kids, I was alarmed to see no railings on the kids’ lofts. You can actually see the kids bunk pillows close to the edge of the loft in one picture. Surely a wall or rail will be built there for safety’s sake. I am hoping that maybe it was rendered this way is to better show the house in your architect’s drawing. Also the ladders, will they have rails to hang onto if the kids wanted to carry something up or down? Sorry, I’m a worry wart and your kids are so darn cute! Good luck on your amazing adventure.
    Kindest Regards,

    • Hey Theresa, I think one of the great things about the tiny house movement is that it is creating a conversation about other small living spaces- like your garage. It’s also great that you’re looking into ideas for 1 level tiny houses. Our design is simply to show what it will looks like. The stairs will be true stairs, and the lofts will have walls. We will also have other things now shown in the photos, like a washer and dryer. The idea behind the design was to be able to see through the whole house, so that people can easily understand the layout. Thanks so much for your feedback!