IMG_4498When we began the journey towards building our tiny house, we began with a lot of assumptions. Like most people, we relied on current TV shows and blogs as the place to get our information from. As it turns out, a lot of that information was very outdated. Probably one of the biggest mistakes we made during this process was living with the idea that we could just build our tiny house on the trailer of a gutted RV. I mean, sure it has happened before, but that doesn’t mean it was a good idea!

I recently read a story in a tiny house group about a guy who built his tiny on an old trailer, and his tiny house literally bent the thing in half. All of that time, money, and resources (not to mention his home!) all went down the drain.

For many of us, I think that the idea of building on an old RV rig makes a lot of sense because of the the perceived expense it saves. But when I really took the time to sit back and think about it, that didn’t make a whole of of sense at all. Why would I want the foundation of my home to be an old rusty used RV? The foundation is everything. It is the straight and narrow by which every other aspect of your home will be built, measured, and judged. If anything is bent out of shape at the bottom, it only gets worse as you build up

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, and certainly hadn’t budged for it, we were going to have to go with a brand new trailer. There was a whole lot about trailers I didn’t know or understand. Tashina did quite a bit of research on the subject and we discovered that we needed something with a lot of power in order to sustain the type of tiny house we really needed to support us and the goal of creating a fully sustainable micro house for families. Ultimately, we chose a 26 foot long gooseneck trailer, with the deck between the fenders, and it’s finally here!

So, now the journey really begins and the build of the house unfolds into something beautiful. We will be posting a detailed video and blog soon explaining exactly what we discovered about trailers, so that hopefully you won’t make the same mistake we did! Be sure and sign up for our newsletter in the banner at the top to stay updated as we continue our journey. See you soon!









Nathan Monk is a husband, father, author, and former Orthodox priest who writes about growing up in childhood homelessness, and brings awareness to the social and justice issues related to first world poverty.

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