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Find out why Nathan’s facebook reach is sometimes as much as 20 million people a week with NO paid advertising, and how Tashina got thousands of followers on instagram, and all of our social media sources are growing by 100’s of followers a week.


So you’ve got a great idea? You want to write a book, be the next Spielberg, or maybe you are about to launch an amazing line of makeup that will revolutionize the industry. One minor, itsy-bitsy problem. No one knows who the hell you are. It seem likes every moment you look around, someone is shooting up the viral stats and becoming super famous, and you just know you’ve got more to offer the would than they do. So why are they making it and you are just well… sitting at home watching them become famous?

Here are 10 very real reasons why you are NOT a social media tycoon and how you could be.

1. Be you, scars and all.

Who is the first celebrity that comes to mind? When you think of that celebrity, do you think of an exterior brand name associated with them? Probably not! Once upon a time, celebrities were associated with the brands they advertised for, but because of social media, they are now truly their own brand. Certainly they still advertise for other companies, but ultimately, people think of them as autonomous. Their name and image is their brand. Which is a great thing, since the company you’re advertising for might go out of business, but you wont.

While you’re busy trying to come up with the best name for your website, social media handle, and hashtag, you are wasting your time! Because your momma already gave it to you. That’s right, its your name. Just that bit of information right here will save you countless hours of waiting up at night trying to figure out what you should call your product. YOU ARE YOUR PRODUCT.

In today’s would of reality, well, everything… the point is to sell you. And before you start getting all self abasing, realize that there is a market for everything. Don’t have the best pout money can by like Kylie? No biggy. What do you have working for you? What are your talents, your fears, what is your experience? Tell those stories. Build an audience based around what you like, and the products will sell themselves.

2. Post original content.

So you’ve already got and /johnsmith across all every social media platform. You’ve done everything right up to this point, and now you think I am a liar because no one is ‘liking’ anything you post. This is the point where most people fail and never progress past. If you are going to succeed at this social media came, you have to stick it out. And you can’t stick it out by sharing everyone else’s stuff. You’ve got to be the only you out there, which is really easy to do because you are, in fact, the only you. If you see someone share something that impacts you, find a way to make it your own. Tell that same information your way. Don’t steal someone else’s meme, make your own.

When you have a quick pondering thought, tweet it. When you have a long rant, post it to Facebook. When the food you created tonight looks really on point, put that up on Instagram. Chronicle your life because no one else is. You can’t go wrong by telling your truth. People can will always debate information, but they can’t dispute that you feel like you made the best ever fried pickles and used an awesome filter to show it off with!

The most important part of all of this is your blog. Everything leads back to your blog. Oh, you don’t have a blog? Then why are you on social media? Stop right now and start your blog right this second! Use our easy tutorial (it will open in a different tab so you can come back to social media) to get your blog up and running before you waste more time. Because if you don’t have a blog roll going, there is basically no point. You don’t want to be rich, you just want to sit around at your desk job forever. If you wanted to be rich, to sell your idea, to change the world, you would start a blog! It doesn’t matter if you are going to sell the next best thing in cosmetics, or you are this super humanitarian who wants to build wells in third world countries, you are basically setting money on fire by not having a blog. A blog is the easiest way to make passive income. All of your social media needs to link back to your blog. So, if you’re ready to start a blog and you have basic knowledge of the internet, go ahead and start it right now here. If you haven’t the slightest clue what you are doing, Tashina has written an amazing step by step on how to get your blog going.

3. Share what matters to you.

Don’t just put stupid stuff out there just because you want to post something. You are a busy successful person who is inventing things or writing stuff. You are an entrepreneur trapped as a bank teller. When you tell stories either through a photo, meme or status, make sure it matters to you. People can tell and it effects your likes.

People want to feel the reality of the emotions you are feeling. Explain it to them and let them experience the moment with you. Anyone that is currently doing well on social media, myself included, has invited you into their living rooms. When things are going well, you are telling people about that. When things are in the dumps, you talk about that too. If you don’t want to invite people in, stay at your current job and find contentment in what you are doing. Find out what the ceiling is within you current career field and reach for that. But realize that there is a ceiling. With blogging, there is no ceiling to how much money you can potentially make.  get more followers

If you want to reach for the stars, you are going to have to do that by posting your successes and your failures. Life is messy and people know that. If you don’t talk about the mess, you are going to come across and inauthentic and well, that’s just so last century.

4. Don’t care.

People are going to absolutely hate everything about you. They will mock you, troll you, and be totally big jerks to you. You know what that means?! People are freaking talking about you! You are finally on the road to success. No one ever made it to the top without a whole bunch of people getting annoyed. Right now, go onto your social media and post the name of someone successful right now. Within minutes, someone will complain about that celebrity. They will say something mean. But you know what the difference between that complainer and Kim Kardashian is? $88M net worth. That’s how much. And so you know how much she cares about that person’s opinion? Zero. And that’s how much you should care. Zero.

There will be people who don’t like you, they can get over it because they are just a hater. There are people out there that just hate for the sake of it. The internet empowers them to be complete jerks without any feeling of social consequence. So just tell them to move on, and I will show you how.

5. Curate your media.

Trolls are the worst part of the internet. They thrive off of drama and ruin everything. Literally everything, including your page. It is always important to allow lively debate and discussion. Someone says something you don’t agree with? Have that conversation with them. Someone has given a bad review of you or your product? That’s a bummer man. But it is a good opportunity to show the world how good of a business person you are, because you handled the situation like a boss. So there is a major difference between a legitimate complaint and someone who is intentionally stirring the pot.

It is important to keep your social media geared towards your audience. That’s why you are equipped with a ban button across most social media platforms. If someone is changing the character of your page, ban them. If they are clearly just there to cause trouble because they are bored, ban them. If they are attacking your clients, ban them. Don’t get into a back and forth with a troll. Because they are just waiting for you to slip up. It’s what the thrive on. Just squish them like the little troll bugs they are.

You’ve got to curate your page so that you make sure you are releasing the type of context that is important to you clients.

6. Keep it current.

Don’t go around posting every little thing that is happening in real time. That is super annoying. If you make a response video to every thing that is trending on social media, it doesn’t make you relevant, it makes you a poser and a leach. However, you do need to keep things current and that means you are going to have to talk about or make commentary on social issues from time to time.

If you really have an opinion on something, share it. Did you go out and see the top box office movie that weekend and it brought you to tears? Well, people want to hear that too. By this point, your audience is beginning to trust you and they are relying on you for more than just makeup advice! They want to know where you recommend that they eat, drink, and socialize. Tell them.

7. Video that.

You’ve got to keep your social media diverse. It is just not enough to post a creative status or a trendy photo. You’ve got to use video, and you have to pay attention to what’s new. If Facebook adds the ability tomorrow to 3D print your ear and it fall out of the screen for the other person to have as a token of your love, you can’t wait around to see how that feature works out. You have to be the first person to use it, and then you have to blog about it, video tape yourself doing it, and post an amazing status about it. Different people consume information in different ways. If you are going to truly reach a wide audience, you have to reach them at every different point.

Look at it like this, there was once an issue that was very important to me and I wanted to get that information out to a large number of people. So, since I knew that in the morning, photos received the most response on my social media, I posted a photo about the subject at hand. That afternoon, I brought it up again in a discussion toned status. That evening? I posted a blog that had a video embedded.

Reach people across multiple mediums if you want to reach the maximum amount of people to sell your product to. And here is how you do it.

8. Don’t sell stuff directly.

You might think I have finally lost it by this point, right? Why would you go through all that work and then not sell anything? I didn’t say, “You won’t sell your product!” I said, “Don’t sell your product.” If you have a good product and if people have learned to trust you and are coming to you for information, then your product will sell itself. People will literally beg you to tell them when, where and how they can access your product. You don’t need to plug the sale, you need to plug you. And once you’ve done that, the products will sell themselves. People will intentionally seek out your blog, your inventions, or your art. But if you sell it, if all you do is post about it, not only will you lose the algorithm battle, but you will lose your organic audience. No one wants to be sold stuff all day.10 easy steps social media

9. Quality over quantity.

You do NOT have to post 15 times a day. Let me say that again for the kids in the back. You don’t have to post 15 times a day! It is not about how much you post, as a matter of fact, over-posting will cause you to lose followers! No, it is about what you post. Make sure you are listening to your audience. What are they telling you? When you talk about your dog are you getting thousands of likes, but when you post about food no one cares? Well, listen to that. That doesn’t mean you now only post about your dog! It just means you know that if there is a moment that you really need to get a point across, you’ve got the secret weapon of Fido on your side.

But I can not emphasize enough how much you don’t have to over-post. It is better that you post only two or three times a week with really great original content, than if you post all day every day.

10. Embrace the randomness.

Ask a million people how to make something go viral and you will get a million different answers. You know why that is? Because nobody has a freaking clue. There is no way to know how to make something go viral. That is up to fate. It truly is absolutely random.

However, what you can do is be prepared for your 15 minutes of fame. Do you have your blog going? Do you know how to post amazing follow up material? If you became the Chewbacca Mask Lady, would you watch that golden moment pass you by, or will you be ready with a fully monetized blog, ready to show the world that you aren’t just the next big thing, you are the one and only you.

Well, now you’ve got the basics down for how to create a genuine social media empire and that is with the one asset that will never go away. You. It’s time to get out there and start socializing. But before you do anything else, its time to go buy your name as a domain name right now. Is your name already taken? Don’t sweat. Here is a list of really easy things you can tag onto your domain name that will make your domain name picking last less than five minutes.