How To Start a Blog on WordPress

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TinyHouseBigSolution is a personal finance and lifestyle blog for people who dream of working from home. The main focus includes building a Tiny House in order to lower monthly bills and live debt free, travel full time, master social media marketing, how to start online businesses, and motivation for fulfilling personal goals.

Okay, so you’re getting serious about making money from home.

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Sure, you can do surveys online, sell oils or purses, or a multitude of other ideas that people have to make money from home and have some success. You can even write your own book. But while you’re waiting on your book to get back from the editor or more supplies to come in stock, you should start blogging today.

The thing about blogging is that you can start right this minute and start making money right now completely on your terms.

It’s the perfect instant gratification for online entrepreneurs because anyone can start a blog on any topic and monetize it. We live in a world that appreciates and even requires instant gratification, and blogging is one of the few constructive way to achieve that.

You can easily create a fantastic blog whenever you want. Unlike a lot of work from home ideas, blogging gives you both financial security and freedom. Imagine waking up every morning to work for yourself. You can write about whatever topic you enjoy and be completely true to yourself and your dreams.

You will be able to travel, or buy a farm, or move to a little island that doesn’t have cars, or whatever you wish you could be doing right now.

The biggest secret to making this dream a reality? Web hosting. I’m completely serious.

When I first started blogging, I used some of the free sites like Blogger, and that was such a HUGE MISTAKE! Did you know that when you use those sites, there is no easy way to monetize them? I didn’t! With free sites, you lack creative control and even choice in ad content (plus, the free blogging site makes the money instead of you!) If you have any intention of using your blog for making money, you need professional web hosting like Bluehost.

When you sign up with a hosting service like Bluehost, you have all of the control. You can choose how and when to advertise, how and when to promote whatever it is that you want to sell, and best of all, you aren’t sacrificing your style and voice. You have total creative control.

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies in 2016 and you can start your own blog with them for a low price of only $3.95. This low price is through my link only! If you use this link, not only will your price be discounted, you’ll get your custom domain name for free with the purchase of 12 months of hosting or more. The best thing about signing up for 12-36 months of hosting is that it makes it cheaper overall.

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Honestly, I love working from home and spreading out our family’s income streams. It allows for financial freedom, while helping me to feel secure about our future. We continue to make more money every month with the help of our side businesses and websites. It’s a great feeling to know that we have control over our future.

If you plan to start your blog on WordPress though Bluehost, here is the step by step instructions to getting your blog up and running immediately.

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1. Choose a blogging topic.
You probably already have something in mind. If you don’t, ask yourself what your ideal job looks like. What topic can you imagine yourself wring about and talking about often? What are you passionate about? It’s okay if it’s something that you’re newly passionate about, as long as you have the desire to make it your daily life. This is the first step to realizing your dream— by pinpointing your dream!

2. Choose your domain name.
What’s in a name? Some people argue that the shorter name you can come with, the better. I remember someone telling me once that the shorter a domain is, the more expensive it is, because it is so rare. That being said, I almost always have long domain names and I have never experienced anything negative from having them. The truth is, A LOT of site names are already taken. That is okay. If all else fails, Nathan is convinced that your actual name is the absolute brand to create. I don’t disagree. directs right back here for a reason.

This blog’s name was not our first choice. It took hours of brainstorming before we finally thought of this one and went with it. Honestly, I think a name is what you make it. I have even seen blogs with names that are the completely opposite of the topic because the person switched gears really late into her blogging career. She just had a joke about it at the top of her site and it was perfectly quirky.

No matter what name you end up with, you can get your domain name directly through Bluehost and streamline the whole process. You will even get it for free when you choose to sign up for 12 month or more of Bluehost web hosting. This alone make Bluehost a great hosting choice, and it’s even cheaper when you use my discount link.

3. Buy hosting for your blog.
Once you’re ready to sign up for web hosting on Bluehost, you need to choose which package you need. Most people will only need the Basic package in the beginning. If you end up needing the Pro or Plus, you can always upgrade and pay the difference. With the Basic package, you still get the benefits of site backups and unlimited email accounts, so it really is a great deal.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 11.04.48 AM
The Basic package on Bluehost is the least expensive choice and really is enough. It’s only $3.95 per month though my link if you sign up for 36 months of hosting. If you sign up for the 24 month, it’s $4.95 or 12 month, it’s $5.95. You pay the total upfront in full, which is actually really great because unlike signing up monthly, you can relax and focus on promoting your blog and creating content instead of remembering to pay for your hosting. It’s a great, affordable price to start your own business.

The best part of signing up for 12 months of hosting is the free domain name. The total for hosting will come out to about $71.40 for the year, but if you factor in the cost of the domain, it ends up being even less!

The only other cost you might want to consider is the Domain Privacy Protection, which is only $0.99 a month. It’s not essential, but it keeps your information private.

Remember, if you sign up for the monthly price, you will have to pay extra for your domain name, so it will end up costing a lot more over the year than paying for the 12 months upfront.

12 months+ is undoubtedly better than monthly. It’s cheaper, comes with a free domain name, AND you don’t have to renew it every month. Your website is up and running for 12-36 months at a time. If you plan to blog long term, it makes sense to just keep it up and running from the beginning. How awful would be if something was going viral and your hosting vanished because you forgot to pay it!

If for whatever reason you decide that it’s just not working out for you, Bluehost does offer a refund. The 12 month plan is not a contract, it’s just a safety net that gets you a free domain, a lower price, and the security that your blog will stick around at the end of the month.

Starting a business can be really expensive, but starting a blog is really easy and inexpensive. You can get your business started on as little as $71.40 a year. It’s life changing.

4. Install WordPress

Okay, so you chose your domain and bought your hosting. Now, you need to attach your hosting to WordPress to create a blog.

make money blogging

This sounds complicated, but it’s really easy, and it’s free through Bluehost.

  • You will get a welcome email from Bluehost that has a link to your cPanel
  • Find MoJO Marketplace
  • Click the One Click Install button
  • Then in the area that says Blogs, click WordPress
  • Click Start to start the WordPress installation
  • In the dropdown menu, choose which domain you want to use (if you only have one, just choose that one)
  • Create a username and password for WordPress (don’t use admin!)
  • Click install now

5. Start creating content and photos for your new blog.

You are now a blogger. Congratulations!

6. Choose a theme

There are a lot of great custom themes that cost a little bit (or a lot) of money, but there are also a lot of great free themes to try. Start out with a free theme to get started and get comfortable with the layout for awhile.

To find a theme, go to the left hand side of your dashboard, click Appearances, and find Themes. Then add and customize whichever one you think will look good with your content.

You can also add things like widgets on your blog, which can be anything from subscribers to ads to links. There are a lot of bits and pieces that you can play around with to customize your blog.

Congratulations on beginning this journey toward self sustainability! If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact me!