Making Money Online

Starting a blog is the number one online money maker for most people, because it allows you to really express your creativity and follow your passion. With blogging, you can make thousands of dollars a month by spending only a few dollars a month. It’s a pretty cheap hobby, but has the ability to become a main source of income within months. I have been blogging on and off for several years, so I have partnered with BlueHost, so that my readers can start a blog for cheap. Click here to start a blog on WordPress (just like this one!) and if you use this link you will get a discounted hosting price and your domain name for free!

Long before we started blogging, we started making money at home. For many years in the church, we didn’t have a steady paycheck, so we relied on side incomes for survival. Now, we really enjoy having multiple streams of income, because no matter what happens or changes in our lives, there is always a safety net. I was always told not to put all of my eggs in one basket, and we should really apply that thought to our income more than anything.

When Nathan and I were engaged, we started selling regularly at the flea market to put money toward our wedding fund. At first it was to get rid of old stuff, but we ended up making a lot of money.  While we were out there, we realized that the majority of the sellers were regulars who sold every weekend as their main or side income source. Soon, we’ll detail some of our tips for setting up a temporary or consistent flea market booth.

After selling at the flea market for a few years, eBay started to appeal to us. We made a TON of money on eBay. It became our main source of income for a really long time. We funded our wedding, paid off our car,  refurnished our house, put our daughter into a private preschool, and opened a coffee shop using the money that we made passively by working 1 day a week on eBay. At one point, we had three eBay stores and they were all lucrative in different ways.

When I was introduced to CafePress 7 years ago, I definitely could not have imagined that I would still be getting a paycheck from it all these years later from a few weeks’ worth of work. That is the definition of passive income!

Etsy is one of my favorite income streams because it’s an artistic outlet. I currently have two active shops, but I’ve had as many as four separate shops open at a time. Sign up for Etsy using this link, and get 40 free listings, so you can start selling immediately.

The best thing about blogging is that you can start an ebay, etsy, cafepress, write and sell a book, or any other secondary source of income, and still blog about it. Then you can make money twice for the same job you create. Starting a blog is so easy, with such a huge payoff.

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