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Mortgage Free Living – aka Tiny Houses are awesome!
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why our family of 5

You’ve heard of tiny houses. Chances are you’ve either seen someone share a meme about them on social media, gotten caught up for hours watching one of the many reality shows where they build them, or maybe you’ve read a news article about how tiny homes have been used to help calm the storm of the homeless crisis. No matter how you’ve heard about them, chances are you’ve probably thought, “Wow that’s amazing! I love them… but those people have lost their minds!” Well, there are some really practical reasons why people are moving into tiny homes! And as a family about to embark on the adventure of micro living, here are some very serious reasons why this is an amazing adventure for our family.

1. Building the perfect home.

My wife and I have spent years pinning every single set of flooring, crown molding, paint, window, door, and nail that we thought would look absolutely beautiful in a house. But it is pretty easy to build the perfect house on pinterest! All you have to do is push a button and your fantasy is tucked away in a beautiful little folder of ideas. However, if we were to every implement those ideas into real life, it would have been way outside of our budget… or is it?

When you only have 300sqft of flooring of space, as opposed to 2000sqft, it makes a HUGE difference in cost. When you are working with a smaller space, you are able to use the highest quality of wood, flooring, and other details that you might otherwise skip if you were building a ground up McMansion. We have been given the opportunity to build a fantasy home at a fraction of the cost.

2. Our Home Doesn’t Own Us!

Living mortgage free is a fantasy that many people have and few actually achieve. Whether you are paying off a thirty year loan or you are paying off someone else’s mortgage by renting their home, chances are, you really want to be free of the whole paying at least a third of your income toward housing cost thing. That cost is reducing your ability to invest in future projects, go on vacation, and give to charity. Every dollar you spend on your home is a dollar you aren’t spending doing one of those three important parts of life: work, leisure, and giving.

Whether you are living in a portable micro home (like us) or you choose to live in a smaller home closer to work, reducing your overall cost of living is the easiest way to use your current income as a way to reach your maximum potential. If you can turn $100 into a $1000 on eBay or Etsy, what would it mean if each month you could turn the $800 you would spend on rent into $8000? That is the power of reducing your overall bills. Basically, the money you are using to pay your mortgage or rent could be used to invest in your future. Instead, most folks are using it to use their home as hotel. Few people spend substantial amounts of time in their home. They are out either working or socializing almost every day of the week. So, why spend so much space and money on a glorified mattress?

3. Renewable Energy.

Just like I mentioned above, the ability to pay off your home for about the same amount as you would have to put down on a traditional home is pretty amazing to say the least. But the savings don’t have to stop there. Sure, if you wanted to put solar panels across your massive roof in a traditional home, it might cost you tens of thousands of dollars. But in a micro home, a few small panels can create enough electricity to run your home for a few days. So, not only are you NOT having to pay on a mortgage, but you are creating your own energy as well.

There are plenty of other ways to save money on traditional utilities, some vehicles now have built in wifi for less than you are probably paying at home. Not to mention, there is rainwater collection that can be used for virtually anything. You can even install a composting toilet! (Something that can be used in traditional homes as well, and you really should give a thought to this, because most people don’t know that flushing your toilet is one of the biggest money sucks when it comes to your water/sewage bill. Plus, people have been using them on their boats forever. Just saying! This is the one we use: CLICK HERE.)tiny house big life

4. The Travel.

A lot of people (us included!) love the idea of being able to take our home with us. It is the best of many fantasies to live in a mobile tiny house. We have all the luxury of a custom home with all of the mobility of an RV. Travel can be a pretty expensive endeavor. Most families have to save up a long time to be able to take week long road trips to the Grand Canyon or Disney World. But that is because so many other aspects of life are eating up their finances. When your home is paid for and mobile, it makes traveling a breeze.

And if you are like us and choose to blog and utilize social media for a living, it means you aren’t tied down to a traditional desk job. My wife and I work from home and now our home is able to literally be anywhere! Blogging and travel almost go hand in hand. But you don’t have to be traveling yet to start a blog and begin passively making hundreds and even thousands of dollars. So if this lifestyle sounds genuinely interesting to you, I highly recommend you consider starting your own blog. It has brought real freedom to our lives to live, work, and play on our terms.

5. Permanence.

Many people consider tiny house living a permanent figure of their lives and can’t imagine ever going back to a “normal” house. However, my wife and I had have always had a dream of remodeling an old Victorian style house in our hometown. So, part of what we’ve done is used some of the money we are saving from living in a tiny house, and putting that aside for whenever we want to settle down and begin that remodel!

One amazing thing about having a tiny house is that it can stay with you forever! Lots of folks end up converting them into mother-in-law suites in the backyard of their traditional home, use them as a get-a-way cabin in the woods, or just park them and use them whenever a family vacation comes along! I once even read about a family who ended up renting a trailer lot for their son when he went off to college and he took the tiny house with him! The opportunities are endless for the permanent place your tiny house will find in your life.

6. Family Time.

It is so easy to get distracted by all the things around us, especially for families like ours who do all of their work on the computer and smart phone! Yes, it is fun going on traveling adventures all over the place. But there is so much more to life than seeing the next exhibit at the Smithsonian! There are also just the simple days of eating outside at a picnic table, going on nature walks, or watching shooting stars. When you live in a tiny house, it forces you to make sure you get OUT of the house as much as possible. The whole point of being alive is to live, and that is done outside of the house so much more than it is done inside. If you really think about it, your house is for sleeping, using the restroom and eating a breakfast. Instead of golfing on a video game, why not take the kids putt-putt golfing!

Even things like watching a movie as a family are made a million times more fun and memorable if they are done at a community screening of a movie at a public park or pool. You will find out quickly that your community calendar is your best friend. Trust us, you had know idea how much you’ve been missing because you were spending so much time stuck inside.

7. Giving Back.

It is so important to give back to the community and those in need. Part of being a responsible member of society is acknowledging that you’ve been given some amazing opportunities and sharing that with those in need! For us, part of moving into our tiny house was about justice. We wanted to create a way that others could live in a simple and sustainable way. Especially for families who were once homeless and are now able to move into their own tiny home. This is exactly why we’ve created the ability for all our plans to be accessed for free! If you want to build a tiny house for yourself, your family, or for a family in need, we are proud to say we can give you all the tiny house plans for the home we built, free of charge. You can also access how-to videos for each step of the build right here. Beyond that, we’ve got some pretty amazing recommendations of people who helped us build our house. We absolutely couldn’t have done this build without their expertise and friendship!8 reasons tiny hosue

We want to live in a world where no one has to sleep outside unless they want to! That is why we believe micro housing is such an important part of the big picture of ending childhood and family homelessness. And part of everything we do is about giving back to make sure others can live just like we do.

8. Community!

Something truly amazing about the tiny house, RV, road traveler world, is that there is such a sense of community. Everyone in the world is a unique individual! But… I’ve never met as much condensed uniqueness as there is within the tiny house community! Each and every person is able to share their unique vision and style within their little home and take that with them whenever the wind is blowing.

If you’ve felt like you are on a constant soul search for a feeling of community, the tiny house world might just be the perfect place for you!


No matter what originally brought you to this, whether it’s that you are considering joining the tiny house community, or you are just an innocent bystander who is madly curious as to why all of us weirdos are moving into houses the size of your closet… I hope this blog has given you an opportunity to understand a bit more of the reasoning behind the tiny house movement. If you are ready to reach your point of financial freedom and empower yourself toward maximum success, you can learn more about how to create financial freedom by checking out our financial freedom page here.