Today is Nathan’s birthday. Every year, I ask him what he wants for his birthday, and every year, he tells me the same thing, “there is nothing that I need.” I follow it up by asking if there is something he wants, and he always tells me that he has everything he wants. It makes for some pretty difficult birthday present shopping! Most years we just end up with pizza and carrot cake. This year was different.

I asked the obligatory question of what he wanted and he said, “To be able to get started on the tiny house.” I was pretty shocked to get a real answer this time.

So, for Nathan’s birthday today I am taking over his social media and trying to make his birthday wish come true! We have nearly reached half of our tiny house goal by selling copies of the book or other perks, but today I am asking everyone to go give Nathan a birthday gift! (Of course you can still also purchase a book if you’d like.) Also, in honor of Nathan’s birthday, we have added a VERY special perk. You can be turned into a Disney character! You can claim this perk as a sketch, digital color print, and even have them custom framed and signed by the artist!

Check out our family as Disney characters below! Let’s make this a very special birthday for Nathan!




Tashina Monk is a hyperbolic know-it-all with three kids, a life partner and a cat. She writes on family topics including becoming debt-free, traveling, and healthy, conscious living.

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