Every day since we filmed the video launching our crowd funding campaign, our 10 year old daughter, Kira, has asked me for updates on how much we’ve raised so far. She considers herself an activist, and is very anxious and excited for us to reach our goal so we can move forward on the tiny house build in a tangible way.

Autistic girl dreams of traveling

Tonight, she lost her last baby tooth (well, more like pulled it out because she couldn’t wait for it to come out on it’s own…) and she specifically asked if I thought the tooth fairy would bring money toward the tiny house project. Kira is Autistic, and if you know her, you know that fairies have always been one of her favorite things.

My daughter wished that the tooth fairy would bring her a tiny house

I just can’t help but think how excited Kira would be if I was able to tell her that the tooth fairy granted her wish and helped with the tiny house campaign. If everyone reading this gave even $20, we could exceed our goal right now. It would be that easy.

Thins little girl asked the tooth fairy for a Tiny House

Her 10th birthday was last week, so she is at that delicate age where she really wants to continue to believe in magic, but isn’t so sure anymore. I want her to see that fairy godmothers (and tooth fairies) exist, and that the spirit of giving is the meaning to those stories. Can you imagine if everyone who is reading this gave just $20 so that I could tell her that we reached our goal?

Click here to help Kira’s dream come true.

Wishing the tooth fairy would bring a tiny house



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