Kira spent the weekend with her grandmother, so we decided to make it an all weekend date with the littles. Selena decided that it should be blueberry themed, in honor of the summer solstice and blueberry season. So, we decided to visit a pick-your-own blueberry farm. Actually, it was a fully functioning farm, with bees, chickens, lots of various veggies and fruits, and a wonderful little farmer’s market with jam and homemade ice cream.

We got our hats and sunglasses and cameras and started to make the trip over there… and it started pouring. Selena said, “Dad, I asked if you checked the weather!” She’s five going on seventeen, in case you didn’t catch that.  We panicked. What else could we do in rural Alabama? Nothing. Well, stop and look at cows and soybeans, but that was about it. It stopped raining, so we headed out to the blueberry area.



Gideon stopped to visit the chickens. This baby is such a trooper. He has been chased and bit by a chicken, but of course, the first thing he wants to do is say, “hi” to the chickens.


  Once we got to the furthest rows of bushes, it started to pour. The kids decided that they needed to book it out of there. Apparently they melt in the rain. Look how cute they are running while holding hands!


Since we were rained out of our adventure, we decided to go Barnes and Noble to get the book Blueberries for Sal.



Then we read our story and ate blueberries and discussed whether we wanted to make blueberry pancakes or blueberry cobbler tomorrow…
There was basically zero consensus. So, it looks like we’ll be making a trip back over to that farm soon. Hopefully, on a sunny day.

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