Big Announcement About Our Tiny House

I receive daily messages asking for updates on the tiny house project. They range everywhere from general curiosity all the way up to people wanting to know when the design plans will be posted so they can build their own. The number one question we get is whether or not the tiny house is built yet, and that is the easiest one to answer: Nope! But we are getting close to the tiny house equivalent of breaking ground. Here are the five major events that will happen next.

1. The Cleanse: Over the last few weeks, our family has been going through a major cleansing project, asking ourselves what is important and what isn’t. We are deciding which clothing, toys, or keepsakes we want to keep, and transferring family photos to digital. I think the scariest part of this process is realizing that we will still have to dump half the stuff we think will fit. That is also the most exciting part.

2. The Yard Sale: We are currently putting all of these items aside and planning a big yard sale (and virtual yard sale) where we will be getting rid of all our excess stuff. So basically, you will be able to come and buy up our whole life!


3. The Move: This middle one will all be according to happenstance. We are currently discussing trying to find a smaller, temporary dwelling while we build the tiny house. The reason for this is to save on expenses during the build. We are exploring all kinds of options to find something that would be cheap or free for the months of the build.

4. The Build: Soon, the barn raising will begin! We already have an architect, plumber, electrician, and roofer who are volunteering their time to help us make this happen! Next, we will be doing a call to action for anyone who wants to help hammer, bolt, wire, and paint the house. We anticipate that the build itself will last about two months, but you know what they say about best laid plans and all!


5. Tiny House: The real move-in begins. Once we move into the tiny house, we will spend the next year blogging and vlogging our experience. We will find out what works and what doesn’t work, what needs perfected and film the entire thing. We will then release the perfected designs, documentary, and begin working on duplicating the process.

Here is how you can help us complete these five tasks:

We are currently assembling a team called The Barn Raisers, which will be a group of about twenty folks who will help us sell more books in order to complete the build. If you would like to be a Barn Raiser, send me a message right now! Second, we have added new perks onto the GoFundMe page, where you can sponsor everything from windows, the floors, and even our toilet (because everybody poops, even social activists living in a tiny house.) Finally, we ask that once you are done reading this blog that you click on this blog and share it to help us get the word out (after you buy a copy of the book or sponsor our toilet, of course.)

This is our first big update! If you want to receive more of them, sign up on the bar at the top of the page for our mailing list here and you will be the first to know about when we will have our in-person yard sale. The virtual yard sale is already happing in one of our Etsy Shops, and items will continue to be added throughout this process. So keep checking back!



Nathan Monk is a husband, father, author, and former Orthodox priest who writes about growing up in childhood homelessness, and brings awareness to the social and justice issues related to first world poverty.

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