Financial Freedom, Book tours, Travel and Building a Tiny House.


This month has been full of travel, adventures, and a couple of big steps toward the tiny house build.

Almost every single weekend this month, I have been on a stop during my book tour. I think being away from Tashina and the kids so much has really lit a fire under me as to one of the many perks of having the tiny house! Traveling with kids can be expensive with hotels, eating out and entertainment. But the tiny house will bring the ability to cook at home and have lodging no matter where we travel to.

For me, one of the major points to tiny house living is all about spending more time as a family and doing activities outside of the house. Visiting museums, parks, and so many other adventures.

While on my book tour, I think it really drove home for me how many people desire the idea of freedom. At the end of every event, someone would come up to me and express how my story of growing up homeless resonated with them. Most of them had gone through other traumas, parental neglect, spousal abuse, but they connected with universal idea of overcoming our obstacles. Especially, road blocks that weren’t set by our own choices but by the people who were supposed to care for us.

Freedom is unique to the human spirit and it has different ways of showings itself for everyone. Some people consider freedom to be the idea of sitting on a beach or an afternoon fishing on a lake. For others it is financial freedom or taking risks to achieve a lifelong goal. For our family right now, having the ability to become fully self sustaining and not being owned by a house is a huge benchmark of freedom.

One of the most humbling experiences for me during this tour has been when folks show up with a well read copy of my book with crinkled pages. Some people traveled two or more hours just to come and hear me speak. With that came a real sense of responsibility to not only share my story, but take the time to listen to their stories as well.

As I would travel back home, Tashina and I would spend time on the phone discussing every little detail of what needed to be accomplished next. She would connect me to a siding company I needed to call back, or I would remind her that she needed to respond to the architect about a minor change to the design plan. Achieving your goals isn’t always easy, but it most definitely pays off if you stay determined and focused.

IMG_5130sqOne of the really important things for me is that whenever I have to travel alone, if it’s at all possible, I only spend one night away from the kids. And if there is a way to make it to an event and reasonably make it back the same day, I try to make that happen. Another important thing is making sure that I’m not stealing every weekend for work. We try and space events with one weekend on and one off. If I can’t, we make mid-week dinners an adventure by going to the beach to fly kites.

This week we will be receiving back the final draft of our tiny house design. I look forward to sharing them with you all in the coming weeks in conjunction with us finally breaking ground on the build. It will definitely be a labor of love, but I know all the anticipation will be worth it.



Nathan Monk is a husband, father, author, and former Orthodox priest who writes about growing up in childhood homelessness, and brings awareness to the social and justice issues related to first world poverty.

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