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What are the benefits of a large family moving into a smaller space?
Though there are many more, here is a list of six big ones.
1. Save money:


According to the International Labour Organization “Americans work 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers, 260 more hours per year than British workers, and 499 more hours per year than French workers.” We have less time off, less sick days, and less vacations. As the most over worked country in the world, we certainly have the huge houses and storage units full of stuff to show for it, but because we work so much, we don’t even have the time or ability to appreciate those huge purchases we’re spending the money on. We’re in an endless cycle. If we downsize, we have so much more time and money to enjoy the things we work so hard for.

2. Less stuff to take care of:


In addition to spending so much time making the money to pay for a big house, we spend so much time working on the house itself. More square footage means more dust and dirt to clean, more general house repairs, and more time and resources spent on taking care of it. When I have to touch up the paint in a 2000 sqft house, it takes much more time, energy, money and paint to do so than it does in a 300 sqft house. In a large house, I spend several hours cleaning each week, and most of that energy is spent on dusting and sweeping the places that are used the least, since that is what causes the dust build up!

3. Closer families: 


As a society, we’re already finding ourselves losing touch with our loved ones. People don’t eat dinner together as often, they watch television instead of play card games, they all sit in different rooms and text each other rather than interact verbally. Reducing the size of your house means that you’ll magically all have heart-warming conversations and live in a perfect world… just kidding. Though there is no promise that it will solve all of the marital or parental distance in the family, when everyone is in a smaller space, they are guaranteed to interact more, which does result in less texting and more dialogue in person. It’s a pretty big start.

4. More time outside:


The smaller your house is, the bigger your yard is! Sometimes tiny house living will feel a bit cramped. There will be days where the kids are fighting and you just want some space. I find that people are almost too comfortable in their house. This might sound silly, but it has become too easy for us to just stay inside all day, wasting the vitamin D and fresh air just waiting for us outside. Once you live smaller, it becomes more habitual to spend more leisure time outside both together and separately.

5. A forever home:


Tiny homes on wheels can be taken anywhere, and even better, they double as RVs, so your backyard can be anywhere you want to go. Travel or move across country and take your house with you. If you have a job that requires you to move every few years, instead of selling and buying a new house each time, you can build a perfect-for-your-family custom tiny home, and simply buy a (much less expensive!) piece of land to park it on. I’ve always wanted a home with my growing kids’ heights marked on the wall. Now, even if we move, we can take those memories with us.

6. Low/No Mortgage: 


Can you imagine never having a mortgage or rent payment again? 68% of tiny house owners have no mortgage! Even if you much finance some of the initial cost of the home, it is so much more affordable and economical than a traditional house, that you’ll have it paid off years sooner than you would. The ability to build it on your own over time, using inexpensive up cycled materials found on craigslist, flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores, means that you can build it slowly over time, never getting in over your head with financial burden.

What are the reasons you’re considering tiny house living?


Tashina Monk is a hyperbolic know-it-all with three kids, a life partner and a cat. She writes on family topics including becoming debt-free, traveling, and healthy, conscious living.

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